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Floating Pond Islands Kent

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Floating Island Makers

Floating Islands. For some projects these have been installed primarily as water purifiers, for others as features for planting and as wildlife nesting areas. Although we do not manufacture these we have the responsibility of the maintenance contracts on some to clear, replant, relay the coir pallets, and in some instances supply protection for the islands from nesting birds which will do damage to the plants and remove the coir for nest building. The island,pictured, was one of two that was placed near the inlets to this lake. The lake was suffering from heavy algae blooms, which in the summer floated in clumps on the pond surface. We tested the inlet water and found we had high levels of nitrite, which was coming from the land drains, that flowed into the inlets, on the neighbouring farms. The islands were planted with marginal plants to try to utilise the high nitrite levels. The islands were netted to prevent the birds from using them as nesting sites. If you would like to have our professional services for the maintenance or control of your Floating Islands please contact us.If you want the contact details for any of the manufactures then please also contact us. 001 (2).jpg Copyright Protected 2013 ©, Water Doctors
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