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Pond Liner replacement or repair in Kent

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Specialists in: Water doctors is a family run business catering to the commercial and private sectors in the construction and maintenance of water features such a lakes and fish ponds. Our coverage is through out the south east of England, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

Waterdoctors are equipped to provide the solution to your issue, a single phone call to our mobile number and we can start to provide you with answers to your questions.
Our experience in Fish health, water quality, filteration, build issues and weed infestation means we have the knowledge and equipment to work with you.
Waterdoctors have an extensive knowledge of the suppliers and contractors in the market and if we can not help we can point you in the right direction.
Waterdoctors will work from a simple tiny goldfish pond in the front garden upto lakes of many acres.

Whatever your needs we have the equipment and or personnel available. For many years we have been advising and helping clients to control, maintain, build and enjoy the beauty that a well designed aquatic environment can lend to their landscape be it a back garden pond, a golf course lake, a community pond, a council lake, fishing club water, an amenity resource or a sailing lake.

Nature has the ability to fill a water course with so much debris that sometimes help to restore that feature back to its former glory is required and that is where we come in. Draining of the pond, removing the fish to holding tanks, removing the silt, cleaning of the filters and pump are all covered on a day rate charge for the average garden pond upto 5,000 gallons.

This site is split into to two sectors private and commercial and although aspects do overlap generally the equipment and techniques involved differ.

Spring and Autumn
Two of the critical parts of the pond calendar.
Is that filter clean?
Has that ultra violet light been changed?
Has the quartz tube been washed?
Is that pump clear?
How are the fish? Ulcers, fin rot, sickly, not feeding, laying up under the waterfall, jumping?
How is the clarity?
Can I feed my fish yet?
So many other things to do in spring.Do you have you time and or inclination or just simply do you want reassurance that all is well?
Is that filter clear?
How’s my fish before they start to slow down for oncoming winter?,
Do I need to be thinking about any repairs to equipment during the winter?
When do I stop feeding?

So many other things to do in late autumn and then suddenly its winter and its all too late to do anything in the pond. Fish can’t be treated when water temps are low, they wont respond, they might make it to spring they might not, but then spring comes and we start all over again. Our business is to ensure you don’t have the issues that you might have had or likely will have that’s why we have been going 15 years plus simply by looking after those that contact us.
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