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Pond Water Filtration Kent

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A poor water filter often means poor water quality for your pond life.

Pond Water Filtration The market place is full of the good, the bad and the ugly, (not that any filter can be classed as beautiful!) This is an area where we are very careful to make statements, but each manufacturer has a product that has a use, as to how good it is that maybe up for debate and certainly not on this web page.

Generally we find filters are undersized for many ponds, that’s not to say they are fish killers far from it.

We also encounter systems that due to sickness or age, the owners can not cope with the maintenance of them or simply do not have the time or inclination. We can help, we can take over the periodic maintenance on them, we can advise on a better system that is more practical for you. We can point you in the direction of retailers who specialise in the filter system that you like. We can install that system for you even that second hand one that’s still sitting in the shed that you have not gotten around to installing. Some equipment just need’s small modifications to make them function better or even an add on unit to help reduce particulate matter from reaching the bacterial sections of the filter. Look after the water and the fish will generally look after themselves and filtration is the best way. We have installed most of the main manufacturers products over the years and even have installed natural weed beds for larger projects including out door natural swimming pools. Whatever your needs or idea’s contact us to discuss them, we may be able to help.
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