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Pond Blanket Weed Cut and Removal Kent

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We remove Blanket Weed from all sizes of ponds.

The curse of shallow water and waterfalls. Unsightly and tiresome to remove. There is unfortunately an awful lot of products in the market place that just dont work some are expensive and some work in one pond and not another, we have actually witnessed this on two ponds beside each other. It is amazing how many of these products actually fail to work.

Water Doctors are always testing new blanket weed products on our ponds as we also do with lots of our clients but still our preferred choice is Cloverleafs Blanket Answer.

It has problems with waterfalls on some ponds but generally it is an inexpensive and efficient product and is available at any good aquatic store. There are others that are good but at present we have faith in this product.

Submerged Weeds, Bulrushes, Irises, lilies
Yes they all grow and once established can become a bit invasive to areas where you probably did not want them to go.

Harvesting or removal of these plants can all be done at any time suitable for you.
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