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Are your Pond fish healthy?

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Do you need your pond drained and cleaned?

Fish health. So your fish are not feeding, maybe just hanging around the waterfall, jumping and flashing. Odd behavior once noticed should be dealt with. How is the water quality? PH ammonia, nitrate, calcium and general hardness, nitrite, oxygen content, any idea? Why not? Test kits are available to anyone and are so easy to do.

But what do you do now that you know that something is wrong or even worse nothing seems wrong with the water quality. Once you have called Water doctors, generally within 24 hours the service van will be at your doorstep to test your water, examine your fish behavior and if all else fail’s take a mucus sample for microscope examination for parasites. Parasites in our experience are the second biggest killers of fish in ponds, the first big killer is bad water quality. Treatment can generally be done on identification of the parasite. Some water quality issues such as PH swings due to hardness levels and therefore toxicity changes to the ammonia content can be remedied over a period of days.

Other water issues can be attacked immediately albeit the parameter changes maybe slow we can get you heading back to a standard that is more acceptable for your fish. Bacterial issues can only be achieved after a culture swab is taken and incubated back at site which takes a few days. Damaged fish will be treated immediately. All of this can be done during a standard call out.
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