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Weeds and Iris Bed Cutting Kent

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Weed and Iris beds. Manual control is possible of the marginal area s, cutting down, pulling of root stock or even spraying,(in restricted circumstances) is a frequent task that we are asked to do.
Deeper and midwater beds are a bit more problematic and these are best dealt with the use of our amphibious weed cutters. Again with our amphibious craft these can be cut down to enable nesting of larger birds, they can also be trimmed back to a more discreet size. The shallow beds upon which they root can be dug deeper to prevent the immediate reestablishment of the plant species.

Submerged and or invasive aquatic weed species
With the rapid growth of some of these imported weeds harvesting is the only way to keep boating lanes open, fishing swims available and to stop the water becoming polluted and silted up from the rotting remains of these plants. These plants may look picturesque during the growth months of the year but during the autumn and winter periods vast areas of these submerged plants will decay and drop to the bottom using up valuable oxygen during the decaying process and then releasing nitrates into the water accelerating next years growth and in the mean time adding to the layer of silt on the pond bottom.

Harvesting can be carried out as part of your yearly maintenance schedule, allowing sunlight into the water and giving natural plants and invertebrates the chance to thrive.
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